Family Practice


Children's Health

Children have specific needs and health concerns that are different from adults.
A few of the common symptoms seen in our pediatric patients are:

• Mood swings

• Poor sleep

• Food cravings

• Failure to Thrive (growth and development)

• Gastrointestinal issues


• Allergies

• Childhood obesity


Our goal is to deliver outstanding integrative medical care while providing education and support to our families in raising healthy, happy children.





Alternative medicine may offer a safer approach to addressing common health conditions in seniors when considering the challenges of medication use in older adults. Encouraging good health practices like proper nutrition and exercise, emphasizes self-care and empowers older individuals with the knowledge, skills, and encouragement to enjoy their lives to the fullest.


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Preventative Health Care

People live much longer today than they used to. Unfortunately, this doesn’t equate with good health. Many adults experience chronic conditions and diseases that affect their daily activities. Traditional medicine concentrates on treating a symptom or a condition after it is present. Preventative medicine is one of the best methods of avoiding disease.


The most important part of preventive health care is maintaining good health habits.

This includes:

• Avoidance of smoking or using other tobacco products and drugs

• Abstaining or drinking alcohol in moderation

• Getting proper nutrition

• Maintaining a healthy weight

• Getting adequate sleep

• Exercising daily

• Proper control of any diseases or disorders


At Midwest Wellness Center we educate and support patients in developing a healthy lifestyle. It is our goal to keep you out of the doctor’s office!


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