Thyroid Disorders


The thyroid gland is located on the front part of the neck below the thyroid cartilage (Adam's apple). The gland produces thyroid hormones, which regulate the body’s metabolism. Thyroid hormones are important in regulating energy, the body's use of other hormones and vitamins and the growth and maturation of tissues.


More than 10 million Americans have been diagnosed with thyroid disease and twice as many are considered undiagnosed. Thyroid disease can affect almost every aspect of health. A woman faces as high as a one in five chance of developing thyroid problems during her lifetime. That risk increases with age and for those with a family history of thyroid problems.


Most common thyroid problems:

• Hypothyroidism (an underactive thyroid)

• Hyperthyroidism (an overactive thyroid)

• Goiter (an enlarged thyroid)

• Thyroid Nodules (lumps in the thyroid gland)

• Thyroid Cancer (malignant thyroid nodules or tissue)

• Thyroiditis (inflammation of the thyroid)


Symptoms of Hypothyroidism (An underactive thyroid)

• constipation

• depression

• difficulty concentrating, brain fog

• dry, coarse and/or itchy skin

• dry, coarse and/or thinning hair

• fatigue, exhaustion

• feeling cold, especially in the extremities

• feeling run down and sluggish

• increased menstrual flow, more frequent periods

• infertility/miscarriage

• joint and muscle pain, achiness

• weight gain and/or the inability to lose weight


Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism (An overactive thyroid)

• increased perspiration

• irritability

• fine brittle hair

• muscular weakness

• shaky hands

• nervousness, panic disorder

• insomnia

• racing heart

• weight loss despite a good appetite

• lighter flow, less frequent menstrual periods



Dr. Wand treats thyroid issues with a number of different combinations of T-3 and T-4, including Armour Thyroid, compounded thyroid medications and synthetic thyroid medications. Dr. Wand feels that it is imperative to discover what combination works best for each individual patient.


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